Pet Ceremony

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Pet Ceremony / Pet Memorial / Celebration of Life for your pet.

A Pet Ceremony or Pet Memorial is a ‘celebration of life’ for your beloved pet.

The unconditional love of a pet, the years spent together, the experiences shared with an animal is no different, on an emotional (or other) level, than any meaningful human relationship, in terms of its importance in your life.

Animals are, to some, like children; love and care being provided and exchanged daily.

When your pet transitions, it can be crucial to have a loving, appreciative closure with a personalized Pet Ceremony / Pet Memorial, allowing both to move on. Your relationship with your pet, as with anyone, is unique to the two of you, and merits that uniqueness, even in transition.

I invite you to contact me any time to discuss plans for a ceremony that honours and celebrates the life of your beloved pet:

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