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Celebration of Life Services by Wendy Yacboski, officiantThe Celebration of Life Service honours and celebrates the lives of loved ones, whose time it was to leave us and this Earth. Of course, we grieve with their passing, but a Celebration of Life Service acknowledges their impact on family, friends and others… how they lived their lives, and the meanings it had for them, as well for all the people whose lives were touched by them.

It is also important to consciously allow the spirit of our loved one to move on, freely, to the next expression of his or her soul journey, knowing that we remain ever-connected in Life.

A Celebration of Life Service, or Memorial, is not as much for the one who has departed, but for you, and those others who remain.

As your officiant, I will personalize the service by meeting with you and other immediate family members, so I can get to know your loved one a little, through your eyes and hearts. I bring forward into the service the information that is meaningful, not only to your beloved, but to those continuing on. Together, we co-create, through your approval, various readings , music/songs, thoughts, and prayers (if desired), a meaningful service that speaks to what is right for you, in honoring your beloved.

I will assist you, as family and guests to the service, to not only celebrate the departed life, but to move on in each one’s own life, with even greater valuing and appreciation of this Life we have each been given.

I invite to you contact me any time to discuss your plans for a very special Celebration of Life Service:

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